Video Resources


As we worked together to document aspects of our transition, we have had the benefit of capturing some of it in video.  The video is from classrooms as well as from teachers and administrators reflecting on the many different aspects of the transition.  Special thanks to Kate Shanahan for shooting and editing all the video and for Kimberly Cockrell‘s eye on crafting a story to tell.  Thank to those at Boston Collegiate who were willing to be videotaped and for their transition to be made public.

Each of the videos listed below will eventually be embedded within a blog post with a supporting paragraph that will serve as a background to the video, but for a quick list of what is currently available please use the links below.  This list should grow as video is edited so please check back in from time to time!

Infusing Literacy in a Social Studies Classroom
Brooke Feldman’s Philosophy on Integrating Content and Literacy
Building Students’ World Knowledge through Text in Social Studies
Planning to Help Students Access Complex Text
Benefits of Cross Curricular Collaboration on Student Learning
Benefits of Focus and Coherence in the Math CCSS
Challenges of Supporting Struggling Students
Getting People Together: Benefits of Collaboration
Helping Students’ Learn to Persevere in Problem Solving (MP.1)
Ideas for Math Intervention
Literacy Practices to Enhance Mathematical Understanding
Major Work of 7th Grade Math CCSS
Shifting Instructional Practice
Modeling to Support Perseverance (MP.1 and MP.4)

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