The Achievement Network


ANet ImageThe Achievement Network (ANet) is a nonprofit that helps schools strengthen their practice and culture of using standards and data to accelerate student learning in under-served communities. ANet works alongside school leadership teams to establish the structures and practices necessary for a successful transition to the Common Core. ANet’s partner schools receive:

  1. A platform of assessment tools and instructional resources for math and ELA;
  2. A leadership coach to help schools embed the continuous improvement routines and teacher skills for data-driven instruction to stick; and
  3. Membership in the national network to gain access to best practices across diverse schools – ranging from some of the country’s top performing schools to some of the most struggling turnarounds.

In the 2013-14 school year, ANet has grown to work with more than 470 schools in nine geographic Networks. As ANet has scaled, their partner schools have consistently achieved roughly two times the gains of comparable schools in both ELA and math; in 2012 the top quartile of ANet’s schools experienced four times.

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