Lauren Stoorza

After graduating from Boston University with a B.S. in English Education, I spent a year teaching 9th, 12th, and MCAS Preparatory English in Wilmington, MA before moving to San Diego, California in 2002.  There, I pursued a Master’s Degree in Education from San Diego State University and subsequently taught Middle and High School English for five years. I joined Boston Collegiate in 2010 as a 10th grade English teacher, and later literacy coach, before moving into my position as Director of Instruction in 2012.  In this new role, I support teachers in their instruction and lesson planning. I meet weekly with new teachers and run our New Teacher Collaborative.  I provide professional development to all teachers, grades 5-12, and I work very closely with the entire Leadership Team, including the Chief Academic Officer, principals, and Director of Student Support, as well as Department Chairs in setting the instructional vision for the school.

As a classroom teacher, what I loved most about teaching were those “a-ha!” moments for students. What I’ve found in my role as Director of Instruction is that I can have those same moments with staff.  My planning meetings with teachers, where we are able to truly dig in deep on curricular choices and instructional strategies, foster the same environment of investigating and learning as my classroom did. This is especially true in terms of transitioning to Common Core. Individual meetings with teachers provide such opportunity for close study of the new standards, and in turn, figuring out engaging, creative, rigorous ways to meet them.  It’s been my greatest challenge to figure out how to extend those one-to-one meetings to the entire staff, and our work with ANet on this project has been one step to getting there.  I’m so excited to see where this goes.

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