Boston Collegiate Charter School

Boston Collegiate Charter SchoolThe mission of Boston Collegiate Charter School is to prepare each student for college. The majority of our graduates will be the first in their families to earn college degrees.

The school’s educational program is based upon Three Pillars:

  1. We believe that creativity flourishes within a structured academic environment.
    Good work cannot occur unless there is a safe and orderly environment in and out of the classroom.
  2. We have high academic and behavioral expectations.
    High expectations demand significant amounts of extra support before, during, and after school and on Saturdays.
  3. We know that without great teachers, nothing else matters.
    Teachers must have the time and professional tools and resources to do their jobs effectively.

At Boston Collegiate Charter School, we do not believe that there is a panacea that makes a school work. Nor do we pretend that what we do is “rocket science” or necessarily innovative. We work hard and use common sense because elevating student achievement and transforming lives requires constant attention to hundreds of different elements – not one, magical 100% solution but rather one hundred, individual 1% solutions.

We offer an academically rigorous college preparatory curriculum to ensure that our students are prepared for college. Given the Massachusetts Curriculum Assessment System (MCAS) exams, and given that we are a public school, we pay particularly close attention to the topics, sequence, and examples covered in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and are in the process of transitioning to the Common Core State Standards. This ensures that Boston Collegiate students are held to the same learning standards and curriculum guidelines as other students in the Commonwealth. At the same time, we trust teachers to adapt the subject topics and performance standards in the state frameworks according to their own professional expertise, using data from alumni and college professors and national standardized exams to teach the content and skills required for college readiness.

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