Implementation of new standards ultimately happens in classrooms and schools where teachers and principals make daily decisions on curriculum and instruction.  Like so many other states, Massachusetts incorporated the Common Core State Standards into their statewide standards in 2010.   What has happened between now and then? How does a school make this transition?  Boston Collegiate Charter School is endeavoring to capture what a transition to new standards looks like from the classroom up through the work of six teachers and two principals.

Our partner in the work, The Achievement Network, has already started this conversation with their recent report entitled, “Focusing on the How: Guidance for School and District Leaders on Supporting Teachers Through the Transition to the Common Core.”  We hope the work being posted here is a continuation of getting at the how of implementation as narrated and embodied in the work at our  school.

How to stay informed about this work:

1.  You can follow this project by receiving emails each time it is updated.  A subscribe button is located at the top of the right column.

2.  The Twitter curation for this project can be found here: http://www.scoop.it/t/core-transition.

3.  For Pinterest fans the work will also be catalogued there: http://www.pinterest.com/dgburris/transitioning-to-the-common-core/

4.  The YouTube channel for video content is forthcoming!

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